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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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gsts apard fa and fadewa [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmyoh! , co on. that was the bes >> thank you. >> jimmy: you'reantastic, man. i'm a git fan. colihay, everybo. catchim on tour w. do aittle someg for us also on the web. thanks to danny de everybody, khl kardashian, norman reedu colin hayand the roots right there. [ cheers a applause ] stay tuned for "late nhtith seth meyer" thank you for watching. have a great nht.
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,, [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york's "lateht with sethers." tonight -- a ngoria --omdirty grandp actor/comean jason mantzoukas -- author sunil yapa -- feating the 8gand with glenn tche. [ cheers a applause ] ladies and gentlen, th mers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: gooevening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is evebo doingonight? [ cheers and applause ] excellent to hear. in that case, s get to the news. 84-year-d media mogul rupert murdoch thiweek proposed to -yr-olformer model rry hall.
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powerbaltickets. [ laughter ] in the l in the leaup to tonight's statof the union address, house speakepaul ryan accused obama of ploing to s verbal traps for republicans. reonded obama,loser sa what [ laughter ] [ cheers and appuse ] a noted a nod republican strategist published a new article for cnn, claiming that thcaidates havinghe most fun on the campaign trail ually fe the best in elections. wellthe ndides having the leasn trto hide but putting an exclamaon point at the end of theirogo. [ laughter ] yeahthiss fun, right? having a good ti running for esident here. despite releasing himother's birth certific ted cruz is still fielding questions about his igibility for presiden wi dond trp sayi sterday th i not a settd tter. there was even a response from president obama. [ laught ] ah, love it.
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somebody else.vice previce predentoe biden said this morng that donald tru is running a divisive mpaign, but mostru supporters are okay with division, provided it's not long division. [ lauger ] [ cheersnd applause ]thent gets a little icky accordin according to a new studyy e cdc, women are more likely than men to experiment th same-sex partners. saiden, what channel is cdc? i've g to check this out. [ laughter ] [ applause ] buffalo bills head coach rex ryan has annnc that he has red s twin brother rob ryan as the team's assistant head cch. or did he? [ laughter ] throya the royal bank of otla has issued a statement warning people 2016 is poised to be a, quote, "cataclysmic year for financial markets."
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cataclysmic. [ laughter ] it's cataclysmic. "sesame street" th coming weekend movinfrom pbso o. and producers ha announced changes to the show incling elmo living in a brownone, car the grouch living in recycling bin, and big bird living a twisted lie. [ laughter ] [ applause ] and fi d finally, mcdonals is yingut a new concept restauntn hong kong,alled "mcdonals next which feat a 19-item salad bar cluding quoa. i'm sureo ha customers saying, "i'll ha a big mac." guys, we have a great show for you tonight! [ cheers and applause ] great show. from nbc's new ser "telenelva longoriis he! chrs and applause from the n fm, "dirty grandpa," a very funny guy and a good friend of mine,
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show. [ cheers and applause ] and he i anhe is the author of the new book, "your het is a muscle the size of a fist," ahor sul yapa is withs tonight. [ cheersnd applae ] lookinforward to talking to him, as well. before wget to that, aroup of white nationalists has ben urging voter iowa to support nald trump for president pring yet anher example of the degree to which trp's candidacy has appealedo racists. but when it cometo politicians making racist comments, 's not ju trump. for me othis, it time fo"a closer lk." [ applau ] >> set >> seth: now, if you've been following the news lately, you know it's an incredibly hard time for white people. [ laught everytng has glute "mad men" end. anthere are 7-year-old children in thisountryho have never even known a ite president. [ laughter but theris hope fothis neglecd underclass in the
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d, in fact, this weekend a mber of registered voters in iowa receiveth robocall fr a white nationalist super pac claimingo support trump. >> i'm jared taylor with american renaissance.i urou to vote for donald trump, becaushe is the one ndidate who points out that we shou acct immigrts who are good for america. we don'teed muslims. we need smart, well-educat white people who will assimilate our culture. vote trump! >> seth: so basically, give me your tired, your poor,our huddled nadis? [ laughter ] also, you have to give it up for white supremacists. they always gi themsves nice-sounding names ke, "amen renasance." you can never tell if theya hateroup or an in-flig magazine. [ laughter ] jared taylor, the man hind the call, explaiin an interview day whhe thought trump's message was resonating with voters saying, quote, "i think that mosofficial republicans have no idea how brayed ornaryhite people feel by their country betu io sothinel. ordinary whiteolks are sk vingo press one r
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wait, ve you bessing one fospanish this wholeime? because it's aost always press one for englisand press two for spanh. that certainly would elain why you'reo angry. [ laughter ] [ speaking in spanish ] now trump has no official affiliation withhe super pac, but jared taylor isn't the only wellnown white supremacist who is pro trump. last year former kkk leader davidu sd that he liked what trump h to say, but even he thoug some of it was a little extreme. duke said trumpuote"i thinhe's head and oulder abthe re. i n't agree wi everything he says. speaks a lot re radically th i talk." that's david duke, basally saying, "me, i'm kkk ump is like kkkkk." okay? [ laughter [ cheers and alause ] despite this, trump and his supporters continue to insist that trump's campaign has done nothing inspire wte supremacts.
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this group possibly be getti the idea that the ish a thing as bad immigrants d good imgrants and thahould ly accept the goodnes? >> theirst thing we is get the bad ones out. >> we have a lotbad des as i said, u have a lotf real bad people here. i think you should let them come back. if they' very goodeople,ou let em come back lally. >> seth: and if yone should be the judge of who is a ally good person, it's donald trump. just look how trump reacted last week when a protester at h rally in vermont was being ejected into the freezg cold weather outsid >> get out ohere. don't give him his coat. don't giveim his coat. ke his coat. confiste his coat. you know, 's about 10 grees below zero outsi. no, you n keep his coat. tell h we'll send it to him in a couple of weeks. >> seth: and take his pants! [ laughter but let him his ses, cause it's always funny wh someone's aring shoes with no pants. [ ughter clearly the is something about trump'rhetoric that appeals to racial resenent and dion.
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it's not just trump. the reblican pty's r problems extend well beyond him. just look at tse comments. ine governoraul lepage, talking about drugraffickers in his sta. >> traffickers. these ar't people who take drug they guys of the name, d-money, smoothie, shifty, thestype of guys that come from coecticut, new york. they ce up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home. seth: d-mon, smooie and ty laughter ] are they froneyo or the '90s? [ laht afterwd, le page's esperson insisteat the vern is not making comments about race. race is irrelevant. which only makes sense, if you don't tch the xt part thatame deo. >> iidentallalf e time ey impregnate a young, white girl before they leave. which is a real sad thing. because then we have another issue that we've got to deal with down the road
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sense. there's nothing young, white girls love more than smoothies. ughter ] [ cheers and applause ] you see the draw. lepage's commentf course, attractewidespread condemon. but in a preference the next day, lepage only offea half heart apology and tried to explain hisommentby saying like this. >> i was going impromptu and my braididn'tatch up with my mouth. >> seth: i'm not sure your brain was trng to catch up with your mouth at all. i'm pretty sure it was saying, "you go onithout me, you'll be fine. don'say anng about y white girls. ah, you can't hear me. this has been "a closer look." [ cheers andpplaus] >> seth: we'll be right back with more "late nit."
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[ cheers and applae ] >> set welcome back tola night" everybody. you know our firstuest from r eight-season run on the hit tv sho"despera housewives. now you can see her in the new nbc series "telenovela," which airs mondanights at 8:. let'takeook. >> how could the cameraman get a nickname like fat eddie if he doesn'have aecret stash of food laying around? >> and i think there's a gerator located -- we got 10peop starving ba there. eight.
11:52 pm
get hoer. >> well excuse me for in dramatic during a natul disa >> ihinke ally need -- >> oh, my sh, gael. can you stop talking? you'reetng real yipp yip yip yip yip yip! >> oka okay, i thinke're all a lile h and hungry -- >> look, i'm the one who kno how to get us through this storm. i nt through the traing session and i'm the onlyne who knows wh knows where they keep all the >> the only reason you're safety captain is because no one else wanted to be. >> well,'m still t one wh the badg the badge. [ gasps ] >> is this shiea is my arm very, strong? >>eth: plee welcome cko the show eva longo [ chee and applause ] >> seth: how are you?
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>> seth: how are you? >> hi! i'm good. >> seth: it's great to have you back. first of all, congratulations. you just got engaged. >> yesdid. [ chee and applaus] >> seth: fantastic. >> thank you. >> set n, did the propal -- were prepared for it? d itatch you off gua, surised? >> no, i was totlyurpred. >> set how were you surprised? >> yeah. we were in dubai. >> seth: okay. >> yh,nd went one of those desert saris. i dn't kw it was a desert safari. he said we were going to he lunch. eth: okay. [ light laughter ] anso when you arted on the safari, did you maybe thk somethins >> yeah, i was lik "oh my d!" i was snapattingt al i would not ha spchatted i had known itas gonnae my proposal. but i was like, "we're here in the dert!" and th there was cmpagne. i'm like, "there's champagne!" [ laughter ] and th i was like, "and there's roses -- oh god!" [ lilaughter ]i should probay put phe down. do. ah. sh: so you completely turned over this incdibl intimate moment to abody who was on social media. >> yeah, at thtime. but it disappeared in 24 hours, so. >> seth: well, tre you go. that's true. nobody rememd. >> nobody remeered. >> seth: except for now that it'll be on tv forev. [ light laughter ]
11:54 pm
wathatlways the plan? yea we we to india er christmas holidays. itasmang. >> seth: had you ever beenhere before? >> no, that s my first te. >> seth: and you -- d you go on safari there as well? >> yes, there's a -- there's a tiger reserve in ranthambore, so they're trying thelp the -- the tigers frobecoming extinct. because they used to hunt them there. anit was great. we wenon the safari,nd they uslly scdule, likea cole faris beuse e gers are nocturnal - seth: >> seth: right. >> yousually don't see them duringhe day. >> seth: gotcha. >> and wwent on this, you knowsafari, and they're like "wl, just be ppared, you probably won't seehem the first ti and i was li, "there's one!" and we saw three. anthen we were lik "well, let a day." it w like, in an hour. anevhe guide w le, "thihas nevepp." [ lit lauger and i guess, like -- he said -- i don't knowf it's true --ut he like, "obama came a the gers werhiding, they were not there." [ laughter ] >> seth: w. >> likeven ty dn't gers. and i'like, "i saw thr." >> seth: they' -- tigersre torious republicans. [ laughter ] they don't- ey always it's te. t lot of people know that. >> yeah. >> seth: but yeah. >> yeah, i shod have known.
11:55 pm
>>hank you! >> seth: great riewsgreat ratings. d now you originally -- you're a producer on the show. >> yeah. >> seth: your plan was not originally to be in it. >> no, no. >> seth: what changed mind? wel y kno i w on th greate shoin t lt decade calleddeerhousewes." >>eth: you wer [ cheersnd applause ] >> no, so i s like"iot goinba going ck ttv." i mean, it unls it's something really, really, rely and had read sff, d i veped stuff as arodu t when t script came in, we these amazing writers, goldsin and riy etshand jus knked it out of e . had this, like, nya in heaanthey werli, "we wath and eyame back andt was this world that was so d ana fia, t character i pl i great. this a lotf physical come. so i play the star of a spanish soap ope who doesn't speak anh. [ lahter ] yeah. so tt'in itsf diffict, which is - lika fish ouater. and 's so funny. you don'need to know what "telenovela" is. it's like a workplace comedy. it could be in a dentist office and these characters uld be amazing
11:56 pm
though --iss true -- it was your drm whentaeds an a to becomeoaopa sp actress,h. i s onyog threlessfor the yes. >>h:nd was that -- was that because it was a big deal inour mily, soapperas? >> it was a super big deal in my family. like, en i got "young" -- when i got one line on "gen hospital," my mom thought i won anscar she was like, "you made it, yo made it!" [ lauger ] i walike, ou're my mom." sh: do u rember you first linen "genal hospital"? yoobablyon't.>> no, no. no, i was um -- ye, i think it aord. ght ha beea grunt. itight havbeen- ye, yeah, member. but "young and the restless," i was crazy, which was fun. >> seth: yeah. how many yea did you say? >> i was on or three years >> seth: a lot of azy stuff happens in thr yea in ap operas. >>ma crazyngs. let me tell you.marc cherrsays the difference between ytaps and nighe soaps isn the daytime the n are e divas. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. the were crazy. >>eth: oh, so the actors you worked with in soaps were divas? >> n t ones i worked with. >>eth: gotcha. >>use i on worked with a coup, but our show -- we had 40 cast members. >>eth: right. >> bighow. eth:o d men h e n vaon set?
11:57 pm
wiuyd he h ty, like"where you gng and line i'm t ing >> rig? or whateve whatever words- h: real quick, that was really gd.>> y. and his words --nd he es- ey'rlike, "and action," or "three, two, one." whaterhey do. and he goes, "what are you doing?" i said, "i'm not going -- anywhere." like, i was ke, "oh,ow i --" "cut! eva! and i was like, "no, he didn -are u going to say 'gng?' because i have to say 'going.' and he's like,yeah, yeah, yeah." and they're lie, "acon!" and he's like, "what's up?" [ laughter ] and i was like -- and i worked with it and i walike, "not's -up." [ laught i was like, "okay, canlay this." and they're like, "ceva!" and was ke, "me?! [ laughter ] i mean, like we always -- like the men cod do no wrong. >> seth: and now, isne of your co-starsn the show -- has a background in telenovelas, yes >> yeah, yes.jencarlos canela.heys tead. xavi ex-on t ow ces bk, he him, an he work together. >> seth: and h he given you stfrom t world of
11:58 pm
ogos.because hen noves. yeahyeah. t on hishow, but htold there was a woman in venezla or something was tead of show and her aista was poisoning r slowlyke daily. "he's your cofe." >> seth: b wai-- laught ] >> yeah. in life. s thiis in li? not in aoap opera? >> yesd the was a trial. and th everybody wasollowing the trial. set whyidn't they just turnhe cameras arod? [ laughter ] >> yeah,eah, yeah. yeah. some thingwerite in "nela," our wre like obody's going believe us. this is a truetory." >> seth: i feel like your denscould beif you spent too much te on aoap era set, y would just go crazynd thk it'se a totanorm ing to start slowlpooninsomedy. laughter ] >> yeah. ishanot -- like, affenza? >>eth: yeah,xactly. [ laughter soap operait. >> soap operaitis. >> set yeah. we, congratulations. thank y. >> sh: it'so exciting. and lways great to have you back on the show. >> thank you. ank you. >> seth: give it up for evngoria, everybody. [ eers a alause "telenovela" airs monday nhts at 8:30 on nbc. we'll be rightack with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ]
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,,,,,,,,, [ chee and applause ] >> seth:elcome bacto "late nit," eryby. and ease, give iup fhe 8g ban eryone. [ cheers and app so happy to ha them here each and every night. and ck with us tonight, tting in with th8g band, he's the druerrom one of the best bandsut there, wilco, glenkotc is reonig. [ cheers andpplause ] glenn has new album "dm kit quartets", cprised of songs he mposed for so percussion. e album is oruary 26th on cantaloupe music and you can caglenn along witho peuson performing at carnie hall oneb12 k you ve much for bein here glenn. 're happyo haveouver. >> thank you. it's great to be here. [ cheers and applaus] >> seth: before we movon, i st want to take a send and ta about some of the very exciting guestwe have neup fonext wk. onony -- s hter ]>>eth, hey. i'm sorry, everydy. this is gus, t "la night" what'soing on, gus? i just want to chec do you want toowut t coff cup
12:03 am
>>kay.thk you. >> seth:s th it?>> yeah. [ light lahter ] seth: oy. was saying, on moay, we have a very special guest. he is om the newisn sh ->> sh? [ lighlahter ] >>eth: yuddy? did you also wa to thw away ts used pst[ t ht ] s. >> okay. wh abohiptcontair dentynece g >> set yeah, anything i put in the garbage, i want to throw [ ght ughter oka [ lahter >> seth: so, as i was saying, we have ailler lineup s wt abt is umpl up po-it noteit hcathan" written on it. >>eth: wl, i mn, i did crumple it up and throw it in thgarbag s >> so that a yes or no? [ laughter ] >> seth: yes. s, i wand tohrow it away >> wilha okay t? [ ughter ]
12:04 am
to do thshow! >> setkay. thank you. yway, on my,have a talteinvidualnd - >> thi-- btle ett? aloe t thawed o it>> y lilaughter ] >> y on the cap, yes on e bottle or yes on both? >> set oboth >> got it. >> seth: okay. so ondwe he a ntastishow et , emerncy! >> seth: what?[ t lauger >> id this hrifi thout. wh ithat c w from a erenbott a had, in ct, no rnsth thett i hht ] do tct yousion? >> seth:o.[ ug ] >> no, idoes? laught or nit doesn't >> set you knoat, i rely can't be clearer here, gus. if it's in the garba, it trash, period. just throw it away i an, why woulyou even have
12:05 am
>>'ltell you20 yrs[ lit lauger i waing at thetodash. antie couric approacd me anasked ifhrew out her cky napkin i said, "i mve. i didn know itas your luck naind thout tationr morse, she rpemy gen ea bod- [ laug ] -- with the foe of 1,000 gollas. ht ] and then hurd them clean acrohe isle of manhatt in theivast. th, i and fo yoday a testleess man.[ ughter at is whi check. >> seth: uh. [ light laughter ] yeah, well, you know, guess that's atty good rean.[ lahter ] you think? [ lauger ] >> set okay. we'll be right back th more "late nigh after this!
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at's aame changer. [ ee a applause ] >>eth: welmeack to the show, evybod ounext guest tonht is an actor and comedianou know fr the films "seping with oth
12:10 am
he leae." he's also starri alongsi rober niro d c efn the new moviirty grandpa" whicopin theerary 22. ke a lk. >> abok >>kaverybofloor! this is roer haa-ha! oh, my god. yoshould see yr faces. i wa about to grab a [ bleep ] horse ma. i left me at theeaheother gun's real, thoughnfire rela this is florida. everythi's a licensed gun range. you just shot through a wall, n. >> hey!>> pedestria ode yeah, aga -it frida. these people don't matter. what?! >> so?lce to tpam rf slam. what can i do for yogentmen? i'm pam. [ lahter ] >>eth:aswelc t ow, son mant
12:11 am
eth: etel. >> a youie>> sh:wn eother very lonme. e ha eth: ware sul yep be friends lingrk cy. >> y. tely. >>e us tdohow sundightt uccaed sscat.>> yea one of mvorite alle things in the world. >> seth: it s a realun improv show to do.>> iwas. itt um -us and a bunch therat peopldoing abte nonsee. sh: sumb imov. and d to scat ba w i rrd.bee lize uldnay to we,he i know i d cedy all week for a viutn sundig i'm inake ando some comedy for free." ughter >> know. ani re that ve clearly as your best friend, you having to be li, "you know what, n, i'm getting married." >> set yeah. >>re o uger ] sh >> set you're out. e t, s's eth: tooit wl.>>h. did n i d a t. [ ughter ] i eaket.
12:12 am
i pooped mnts.laughter i pe my pants. >> set i contendthis had to poop uran before i told you d you used that as an excuse. >> you know what, it turned out to be a great cover. laughter ] pele were really cool with it. bethey -- from an emotional pot. >>etea there le "oh, my d,so uethe op h pants >> un. setrom that-- from thary funny cp from your film es, my film. >>et your lm >> my film >> seth: and it'soice >> i mean, yrt de niro and zac efron e in it,ut it is -my film. [ ughter >> s ty'reoth -- yh.itery clear he cli you velmosl ofhe lines in tli >> rd t, y wou thi isaalof lines ith movie. lahter ] which i do. if youant come th movie with me, sit nt and i'll jt say of the lines your ea[ light laught ] >> seth: now youind of - don't take this the wrway, t feel like yoreite bit of a smbag character there. ughter not in real life -- hg a sond. are you judging that by the three lone dreadlos that my chars onheis
12:13 am
seth: three le dreaocust the dlocleftov fsomething rely mep in his l >>et so, but -- >> he's a drug dear. >> sh: over thursef your er, you'ved ese i would le eayo projec. >> oh, b.>>eth:nd wt yo tell ther onoyou pl a scumor aalmost nma pe >> i l evethat tres a alifier r "normal rson." sh: yea >>n mostl pers. >>h:eah. >> let's do it etheevisn sh "community >> okay. scumbag. i play a reascba like, commity theatre director who treats ken j really poorly. >> seth: oy. hs a alcumb, that y. >> setparks d re" >>pas and c. denn feiin. absote scumbag. [ laught ] likeume mol in paw inana who is real piec of -- li, jubage. awful. >>eth: "the ague." >> "the league" le the "er" scumbag.
12:14 am
unered monst. seth:ea[ lahter ]ly b. >>uably the chacter th i mt wellnown for and which leads peoplto believuponeeti me thattheyre mtinglike, someonwho -- like genuine committed war crim. [ lahter ] >> seth: what about th"kroll show"? >> "kroll sh." like, a number oscumbags. lighlaug ] i pled a numr of scus. i play number ofcumbs on that show. >> seth: because it was a sketch show, so y did -- >>es, i played me characters. >> seth: "broad city?" >> "brd city." scumg. [ laughter ] ooh, mantt played djs -- reba. lauger >>ight tly,m. i "dja" atooftop pay d gure lik s.laht bu the twist. the deejays are trying tget e girls toave a foursome [ laer seth:sc smbag. sh:ling cfident t th.wh aboutilthis y"t nig before" "nibere." okay, ay, re'she tng play aery drk --'m in only onecene in isoviei pl a vy drunk n dressed asanta cus. >> seth: uh-huh. who is pissing against the wa ithe middle of the night
12:15 am
jogoev also third gde tehein the mie so iould posit that i amess a score a e [ belep >> seth: o wow. [ laughter ] so youe -- thiis range, now. i think tre's aategory beyondcuagt is ry st piece of [ bleep ].>> sh: o rapa."a nderfuown if show. ve everybody"tnsrent." and it is an ama opportunity they gave o come in. i play a pretty good guy. i lovehio. evodat tweets about "transpare" ise, "hey, i n'eve jan mantzoukas is'transpare he' pretty normal." lighughter ] except that i arug aler. [ lauger >> seth:y. keorofr pinnac. >> that's my r. you kn, 's le, "oh, no, he nn e sh. 's nice guy.hohe is a ug deer>>et wl, it to tk toyoabouth. because you ha onemy fariteod >> o yes. seth: you host a podcast call "d this get made.">> i d with r and diane rhaelyes.
12:16 am
th--s just goeeonertain m t made >>h. silly, it arted when we watched e vie all reety neslee >>et yep. andfterwardhad a conversation at a party where we were like, "that wasntethered innity, right?" ght laughter ] li, toottom,hade aaskoo banas. keabt for like, r.d athewas like, "w ouldust do this l ofhe time cppy movies." at what we do on the sho so walh vie and then get around a tle full of miophones or a le dience like this and juslkut what t [le ] jt pped ins movi [ laht ] dithis -and lot times, t fair,icolas cage is in e movie. seth: okay. >> and is e answ tat tion.chee andpplae ] i lo that 's t appe break. >> sh: yeah. >> nicas cagis insane. d everybody isik "i can t on board t ll>> set havyou obviously you try to pick moes at the consens wld that movcrazy, h did
12:17 am
we st have do theovie "kazaa where shaquille o'nl plays a genie. >> ses. th'sood "how did that get made." yh. set b hnow s itrue atou've stum onthatof listenerve defended? oh, ts what's rscining, becausee willll decide, like, "oh,e have to do th m. 's ry obvious." then peoe will revol cif it mntng them as a k. like we d the vi"spi world"ith the spice girls. [ lit laughter in which baby spice apropos of nothingmas ouwith an ien. lahter a aceshilands, a lit iecomes t d baby spice kisshe ali on the moh! [ laughter this is an indefensible movie. it's bonkers. peere li, his is myavitmovi [ uger ] isovie means so much to me. how i was with youp until now, 'how dithisetade.' buis io fa ople freak o. seth: n, --avyo now
12:18 am
inward say"h, maybe ere's moe i likeas a >> there a cof them. we've done one recentlthat i codewas a eat vie, ill think is a greovie ng nicas cage. is ce-o >> set-o."[ erndppuse ] tis a great m. >> seth: don think i have yo back on thi >> don't wry abo it. here's one that i think we're gonndo soon because now we're kind of fascinated by re -- re -revitingies ate liked asids. i ved the vi-- and this is ing to go weird ink for everody. the mattheoderick, rutger hauun michelle pfeiffemovie known as "ladke >>h:dye." i w "ladaw" in t eaters same. >> seth: yh. >> fel like,n passiona lo wh michel pfeifr. she mediaty supplantedhe oubltrouwins. et o b those w-- hat s what yr >> i bet theudienchas no ea wre talking abo. [ laht ] sh: is this post-"ferris elr" bck?i feel like >> i don kw if -- it me.>> set yea n can reme. becai feeliki went i tationmaybe, bause of "bule
12:19 am
because it -- aotallyorl moin which a witch has t a on rutger hauer and mielle pfeiffer, whore in love. so tt dung the day, she is a hawk. and he is rutger hauer.and atightshe michelle pfeiffer, ande is a wolf. [ laughter ] and 's so ma d mattw ick t thwhbrings thegether and figures it all out. and it's set i le,edieval times,nd h a00% nth or >> y isuper syhy.>>t rrg, t osiobetwmuc chs d moviites auty no sense yep >>is s>>. uger >>eth:hyitle "lyhaw?" oh, there's la and a -- >>nd s's a hawk. [ laughter ] we thought people uld get . it used to be called "lady wolfnd teg"
12:20 am
>> set w pe defe it. >>il s i wl list to , d sed . >>ouuld comen anbe the guesfor that epide. set wou l > seth: i there. >> nt tiivshow it'sou. >> set that's thk you much fo here. coratsn thmovi >>nkou [ ch appuse seth: a a sag aresie ie you,ud. >>h:onou everybod grapa" isn th eaua2nd.we rac more at [ cheerspplae ] in, points ints, poin, our points. erhat be a way redeem our hotel ps. i wt to take a cati th seems czy. really? tes somethg weon't know, caain obous. ok. with, en y cle0 nigh you getne free. oh. only edowhow ount to 10 toarn a free nightt places like that nustest. yeon'tw thatotheusyou there to a selfie and hu iinyon thel. hm
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[ chrs andpplause >> seth: welcome back to "late nit," everybody. our next guest is a very talented author whose debu novel, "your heart is a muscle thsize of a fist," hits okores today. please welcome to the sh
12:25 am
>> sh:eth:o happ have u re >> os llo be here. eth: congratulationsn e bo. itantastic. hank you.eth: i want to give some ople here e cknd on it.bout -- t p ltle charaerover t cose of a y in t 19 o prott in sttle for ose who dot rememb thatgivea little bitf backgrou >> oy,o 's novber '99, month from the millennm, everyone ifrking about y2k. the bagog torash, thcountry's gointo crash. d theyecto have e biest ecomic mting in th wod. they he 13countries, they inte them seattle. president clinis goingo be there, the kofi annan is going to be ther and they have these enorus ings 6000 protes show up to protest it a they' only sched about 900 cops so youan imagine what happen. eyad shudo t
12:26 am
no on e second day. >>eth: nowyork there, yowere aware of it at e time. ts righ yeahi gr up, mdad a maisofessoof geography. >> seth: okay. >> so grew uin that milieu. myedtime sriesere about al enomidelopment.light hter sh:id you fl asleep fast ove r set feeke -u go righup, atre ng, arwehasi ollar?ug >>ad of "monopwe had "c," whi is think a ciisme ondersts. >> reay? ths a cialist game? >> i'mtty sure. itasin tic. played it. nenew the s.eth: ihinkhen bupita t it sain itions isthinic ug everyone ays the same time. >> seth: y have diceolling everre. right, yeah. >> seth:o dadaser much ois idea.>> right. i gup knowing a lot a it. i was in colge when the tsapd in99. i already been arrested when was 17 for something --
12:27 am
>>eth: okay, well don't just y at. [ laughter ] >> they're lal now. >>eth, thereal n. n stof wasngton.>>et oy. light ught ] so ilrdype a night in ja andt wasn an exence i wanted trepe. and onof the strategies they used at e otwas cl the jas. and ght, i don'tlly want to alogger. >> right, ah that's nice, so you bacally saidest of lucto youuys, ke down catalism, i'm sitting this o out. >> total coward, total coward. it helped in the book to be hostause i really admid the characrs i was writi about,ause sait courage it tak to sit the streanbeilling take ar s r pe you cabout three inen away. >> now your main cra in the boo biracia you're bit birial,our father i s lka anyour motr isnt >>hat's t. >> seth: tre h nigh tt ect? hetoay hloo th threhegu.chrs a applaus] o my dad is fr s lka. my dad's from sri laa and he's the one i thk who taug me
12:28 am
y. so my dad me from sri lanka in 64 oe same plane as the beatle flefrom london nework on theame anas theeatles d he sayhe heard a little party goinon up front, but he didn't rlly know wt's ening. and is e ys when you would -- notetway,re's a staircase outo the rwa ght? >> sh:ur>> he comes to t topf e staircase and there's a crowd anhe says to t lady, wow, th treat feign studes here soell! [ ughter ] >> seth: that is true. tt isrue. t -- sh: is it te?si is it true? >> iis sh: okay. [ hter ] i lieve m. so you know as a writer,ou went through -- and this reall brokmy hea when hed this. u wrote draft his ok60pas -- 6 >> seth: and y lost .>>ea ah. s you had it -- exp w you lose- i mean, rst of al-- yeah. >> iean, how -- re,
12:29 am
i t i'm pbablthst persons willr happ t in dig aght? s yh. so i living ii, a i didn'tave any inrnet. so ncloud. i didn hava in secy measwas hi my ptope ov in bang tray d ide tre. seth: it is the last place i wod eck. >> right? right? >> seth: let's steal the mps. did yoguys che the oven? [ lahter ] >> exactly. so that was only dft. i finish it, 604 pages, first novel, oh myod, righ come bk to the u.s ias workg as traveli sman, i s in hotel ichicag and w cgo finest hotel, and someoneroke iand stole my bacack. and that was the onlpy o the book, 604 pages. seth: so it surveall mee chn oven [ ht ] anwagoneag hol. right, corr >> seth:ou -- yontioned you're a traveling salesma i'm ways fascinated what wre ing -- because ile you're wring book no
12:30 am
what writers do to pasthe time and supporthemselve what were you sellinas traveling salesman >> aually, again, i'm probab one of last peopleo ever do thi i was selling posters onollege campuses. >> set you just set up your poster shop? >> was a lite more official than that.e mpany s arted by four gu ithe 0s they would ge me a mfrie e biggest truck you can drive without a commercial license. fill ifuf itney spears and bob marleyosrs. seth:ow. >>ight we wt classy, d some starry night. me gustaklimt. h:heuyenputs upe s his ddy, a hs li, "hi'inng air homepuuptarrnigh" [ hter ]>> put up arry nht. ght, ectly. [ ughter mom's ng. puansel adams up >> seth: what was the best-sliter you yes ofoi this? what fleoff thposter >> five five girls in ahor. >> seth: fgis in shower? >> soang -- soapg each oth? >> it was atnd t girls kissing. seth: my god.
12:31 am
[ ught ]>> canou bel i [ hter ] seth: but y g that do>> yeah. >> seth: so you sicall-- whoue ying is, for struli writeut the, juoad up aruck fof poerof lads,nd thawill make it unl you actually can write a bo. >> well, tre was aecond part of that strategy. i would sl posts for o months, and compress my working meo that. and we would make about $1000 --s not a king's ransom, but it's oy. but i uldn'tive the u.s onhat mo at tame time, i stumbled into traveling. so- at time,granr d a hous chi and id why don't youo at my house and said, at's a great idea. >> seth:o 'snded in >>hat'hoally ended up in ile. and er trs about tenrite and boor t ars anng to wo on it again for anher four yea, i lived in sen different untrie >> seth:anstic. >> ildelposters and go to chi, se prs, go to gentina. sell prs, and t india. >> seth:oue livinghe dream. that life unds a lot cooler
12:32 am
i would go back to the pos and trel game. yod it figed out a you bleep ] up byngiter. [ ughter you the dream. you were livine eam. >> here thing,eth.whenha goes ey y cat break in college dorms anmore. >> sh: that's true. that's tru you got t while e gettin' go. thank you so mucfor bein here. coratulaons. >> my pleasure. sh: sunil ya, ebody. "your het is a muscle the size of a ft."
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